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Tips and tricks to get your makeup to last in the warmer weather.

Tips and tricks to get your makeup to last in the warmer weather.

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Summertime is great, its lovely to see so much sunshine, but not when the full face of makeup you took your time to apply in the morning is no longer there by mid-day. As a makeup artist I have learnt over the years how to adapt your looks and product choice according to the seasons and not always following the latest trend.

First off, I would suggest cleansing your face with a great product like Dermalogica’s special cleansing gel it’s a great gentle foaming cleanser that is going to leave your skin feeling squeaky clean without any nasty soaps in it. Then use a good cleansing cloth to double cleanse with just plain water. The reason I suggest this is that in the heat you would want to insure you have removed all oils before apply anything.

Then tone and moisturise with a light moisturiser such as Dermalogica’s active moist, it is an oil free prebiotic moisturiser. Any oils under your makeup won’t give you long lasting make up when you sweat, as oil and water don’t mix.

After this I would apply a thin layer of any translucent powder to your entire face using a big fluffy brush and followed by your setting spray.  I am really enjoying the Jane Iredale Pommisst, as it feels light on the skin and helps with adding moisture, it is even lovely to reapply throughout the day when it is very warm.  This will give your foundation even longer wear and take it to next level of a flawless finish.

Then primer is the only thing that will give you durability in the heat and a big bonus would be one that already contains an SPF such as Dermalogica’s skin perfect primer SPF 30, it has illuminating properties and evens out your skin so beautifully.

Onto foundations: I would avoid any heavy foundation unless it is absolutely necessary. I would rather suggest a BB cream or a mineral foundation such as Jane Iredale Pure Pressed mineral foundation with concealing any concern areas as you and where needed.

Bronzing is the new contouring in my opinion especially in the summer months really just to create a lovely glow on the face and I would also use more of a cream-based highlighter instead of a powder one. This can be applied under your foundation to give the skin a healthy glow.

Thanks to the dreaded ‘covid’ we can no longer wear our favourite shade of lipstick with wearing masks, so here I would opt for a lip stain or long wearing lipstick for the occasion where we are able to take our mask off in public.

Since we can’t focus on the lips we are really needing to spend more time on making the eyes the feature of the face. A great eye primer would be anything that controls the oil on the eyelids and make sure you use something specific for eyes as the skin is very different to the rest of your face. If you don’t have a primer, you can use a light shade of matt eyeshadow over the entire eyelid to even it out will also help your eyeshadow to stay in place. It would also worth trying out a waterproof version of your favourite eyeliner and mascara so as to not smudge in the heat if you do tend to sweat easily. Brows are also definitely a must , I wouldn’t always follow the latest trend but rather fill them in to suit your face really just frames off the face. I would suggest to use a waterproof brow gel to hold them in place.

Lastly finish off with a good amount of setting spray for all your makeup to blend well and last the day, also always carry your compact foundation in your bag and a travel lip balm.

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