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The Miraculous Effects of Vitamin A

The Miraculous Effects of Vitamin A

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Vitamin A is one of the most misunderstood nutrients in the world of cosmetics, yet it will do almost everything we need to keep our skin healthy and radiant.

Our skin cells are generally deficient in Vitamin A and grow slower as we age. Vitamin A does not make the cells grow faster than they normally would it just restores the skin growth to normal. Topical Vitamin A helps skin to withstand environmental damage acting as a powerful sunscreen by absorbing UV rays and protecting DNA from damage. *

If we keep the skin sufficiently rich in Vitamin A we prevent the signs of photodamage even when we go out into the sun. The levels of Vitamin A are not sufficiently depleted and the skin remains protected from UV damage.

Vitamin A stimulates collagen production and locks in moisture, allowing the skin to retain more water with some puffing out of wrinkles.

Regular use of topical Vitamin A will support healthy looking skin and minimise the signs of ageing and sundamage.

Environ Vitamin A creams are available in different strengths, i.e. some have higher levels of retinol properties in than others, and the higher the levels, the higher the potential to impact the skin. Due to the very nature of how retinol works, it can cause the skin to become red, sensitive, dry and flaky in the early days until your skin gets used to it. It’s important to allow the skin to acclimatise to topical Vitamin A, starting at low levels before gradually increasing the levels. Follow the less is more rule to applying it, especially if you’ve never used it before or are trying out a new product for the first time.

Over-the-counter products are a weaker version, which means the retinol they contain isn’t as potent as their prescription-strength counterparts.

For advice on which products to use please feel free to book either a virtual or face to face consultation www.beautyhavenbelfast.com

*Vitamin A Skin Science, a scientific guid to healthy skin.

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