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The Management of Leg Veins.

The Management of Leg Veins.

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Leg veins are increasingly becoming part of the workload of UK based aesthetics clinics, this is due in part to a reduction in the NHS management of uncomplicated veins but also due to patient awareness of veins.

We are increasingly aware of our own body image and also have more awareness of the ease in which leg veins can be treated. The bulk of our consultations involve mainly superficial thread veins.

The treatment protocol involves an initial consultation before a treatment plan is decided upon. Here at Beauty Haven we use IPL to treat very small superficial veins, deeper, larger veins are referred to our registered medical practitioner..IPL is useful for rapidly treating a larger area. Typically higher settings are required for a vessel of similar size on the face, and superficial blistering of the skin is not uncommon. Often good results are seen initially but early recurrence within 3 months can occur. in this circumstance often a larger underlying vessel needs to be treated.In patients with veins greater than 15mm, sclerotherapy treatment would be recommended first followed by IPL to remove any remaining vessels. As a measuring tool you could unravel a paperclip and if the vessel in larger than the diameter of the wire then we would recommend sclerotherapy over IPL.

A patch test is required for IPL treatments.

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