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The benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal

The benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal

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There are several treatments available for hair removal  on the market today but to date electrolysis is the only permanent treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If you are fed up with the time spent on hair removal  or maybe you are fed up with ingrown harshen electrolysis is worth considering.

To help you decide on the right hair removal technique for you ,have a read through our most commonly asked questions.

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a method of removing unwanted hair from face and/or body. It is the only permanent hair removal system because it targets individual hair when they are in the growing stage, called Anagen, will explain more about this later.

Electrolysis works by inserting a very fine sterile needle into the hair follicle in the natural opening of the skin and removing the hair roots by the application of heat using an electric current.

What causes unwanted hair growth?

There are several reasons why we get unwanted hair growth on the body and face:-

  1. A condition called Hirsutism is excessive hair growth on parts of the body and fac where hair is normally absent or minimal. This condition usually develops during puberty and is more pronounced as times goes on.
  2. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common condition affecting the ovaries and one of the side effects is excessive hair growth.
  3. Heredity plays a part too, along with hormone levels and even some drugs can stimulate hair growth.

Knowing what is causing excessive hair growth can help in a treatment plan. Electrolysis is a fast an effective treatment and can be carried out during a lunch hour.

Is electrolysis painful?

Having had electrolysis myself I can honestly say that the pain at first is noticeable but it is not an excruciating pain, As treatments continue the pain lessens as you get more used to the treatments and know what to expect. Some people compare it to having a tattoo, others say its not painful at all.

An over the counter topical anesthetic can be used beforehand, applied  between 20  – 60 minutes prior to treatment and afterwards Aloe Vera can be used to soothe the skin.

What areas can be treated?

All areas can be treated with electrolysis, apart from inner ear and nose.

Common areas for women are on the face, lip, chin, cheeks, sides of face, eyebrows and neck. On the body – underarms, breasts, abdomen, and bikini line.

Common areas for men are around the edges of the beard, eyebrows, nose, ears, cheeks and areas where ingrown hairs appear.

Transgender/transsexual females commonly have the full beard, chest and back areas treated.

How soon will I notice a difference?

Hair will be removed on the 1st session and the time between treatments will depend on the area being treated, any health issues, hormones, genetics, the density of the hair, overall average results from start of treatment to the end are usually between 6 to 18 months of regular appointments.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments will depend on the growth cycle of the hair at the time. Hair grows in 3 cycles.

  1. Anagen is the active stage when the hair is growing and this is when it is best to remove hair. As the 3 stages of hair growth vary in when they happen it is best to continue a treatment plan and stick to appointments. The number of appointments and frequency will also depend on which area of the body is being treated and density of hair. Eventually the hair will be gone for good.
  2. Catagen is the second part of a hairs lifecycle.
  3. Telogen is the resting stage, when hair is not growing. It is the third stage in the hairs cycle. During telogen the resting hair stays in the follicle until the growth of a new anagen hair pushes it out.

Treatment times can vary between 5 mins and 60 mins depending on how large an area is being worked on. This should be discussed at an initial consultation.

You should always book a consultation before you start your treatment plan, you may find there are other more suitable options for you.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a message on facebook/ twitter or send an email. One of the team will be happy to chat with you.





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