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Summer Skin Part 1

Summer Skin Part 1

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As we move towards the summer months it’s time to think ahead and try to prepare our bodies for the sunshine. Most of us will be trying to improve the look of our pale, pasty skin, that has been hiding away for most of the winter, and get that golden glow that most celebrities have all year round. Preparation is key, so let’s get started now.

Exfoliation and moisturisation are a must to help you achieve smooth, supple summer skin. To make sure that you have all those awkward, hard to reach places exfoliated, why not make an appointment at Beauty Haven Belfast for a Hydro-Active Mineral Salt Scrub. This wonderful treatment will soothe away dull skin whilst restoring vital nutrients to tired skin and you won’t have to do a thing apart from lying back and relaxing.

If you have a little bit more time to spare, then the Dermalogica Prescriptive Body Treatment would be the perfect kick start to summer skin. Not only will you get an all over body exfoliation but your skin will also benefit from an all over Body Pack of your choice. You can choose from either a detoxifying or a hydrating  pack depending on your skin’s needs. Whilst you are cocooned, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage to soothe and ease away tension. Finish off with an all over application of  either Body Hydrating Cream or Ultrarich Body Cream.

Next week we will talk about tan and some tips on how to get that streak free application.

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