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Smooth Moves laser hair removal

Smooth Moves laser hair removal

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As the summer holidays approach, we dream of having the perfect beach body and ridding ourselves of unwanted hair.

Hair removal is one of the most sought after treatments in the beauty industry, there are many options available to us these days, there has over recent years been a surge in the demand for the more permanent laser hair reduction methods, especially now that it is possible to have a practically pain free experience. Hair removal effects each and every one of us regardless of age, gender or skin type, we have many reasons for wanting to rid ourselves of body hair including self confidence issues and medical reasons.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments will be dependant on the clients skin and hair colour. The treatment is not suitable for all clients, for example someone who has grey, white, red or blond hair would not be suitable for laser hair removal and should consider electrolysis instead.This is the only treatment can that can legally name itself as permanent hair removal rather than permanent hair reduction. That said it is definitely more suitable on smaller areas such as the face/neck/ underarms.  The treatment works by inserting a tiny probe into the hair follicle and a short burst of energy is then targeted at the root of the hair, this prevents nutrients from feeding the hair, causing it to become weaker and finer before stopping growing altogether after a series of treatments.

The cost of hair removal treatments is often a concern however when we consider what we have spent over the years not to mention the time involved, we will save money in the long run as we won’t require as many visits as we would if using the more traditional methods such a s waxing.

If you are considering laser hair removal you will be required to have a patch test first to ensure suitability for treatment. This consultation will take about 20 minutes and you will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns and should be advised of the cost. This patch test is primarily a skin test and will assess how the skin reacts to the laser. You will be asked to complete a consultation form to rule out any contraindications to the treatment. A course of 6 treatments is recommended at 6 weekly intervals for body hair and 4 weekly intervals for facial areas. We do advise against having the treatment 30 days before of after sun exposure.

You can expect 85-95% permanent hair reduction from an IPL/laser hair removal course of treatments if you have the correct hair and skin colour for the treatment, further top up treatments may be required in the future to maintain the results of the treatment. The treatment is often used by clients who suffer from ingrown hairs, these can be painful and unsightly and although we all know we shouldn’t pick at ingrown hairs, it can be hard to resist and the skin is then left scarred. If you do suffer from ingrown hairs, this is definitely an option worth considering.

Following an IPL/laser treatment it is important to use an SPF as the treatment can cause photosensitivity, in other words your skin will burn more easily if exposed to the sun and this is turn can cause problems such a pigmentation. We recommend using an SPF50, there are many on the market, we use Dermalogica’s SPF 50 solar defence booster.

So if you are getting ready for summer and considering your hair removal options, look for reputable clinics registered by the RQIA ( details on their website of all regulated clinics).



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