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Rosacea Research

Rosacea Research

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Rosacea is a skin condition that mainly affects the face, causing areas of the skin to flush red. While an exact cause is unknown most sufferers are able to identify triggers that make their rosacea worse. Avoiding these triggers will help control the condition and lessen the symptoms.

A new awareness campaign called ‘Act on Red’ has recently been launched to support rosacea sufferers. The programme aims to raise awareness and understanding by using research that assesses the effect the condition has on sufferers. In volume 1/issue 10 of the Aesthetics monthly medical journal it’s stated that, “62% of people with facial redness agreed it embarrasses them” and also, “46% believe their rosacea changes others’ perception of them”. Researchers have discovered that those suffering from rosacea are more likely to be percieved by other people as less intelligent, reliable, successful and trustworthy compared to people without redness. Additionally, people are more likely to assume rosacea sufferers are stressed, tired, unhealthy or sick. The results of this research correspond with psychological studies that show a single glance of a face is enough for people to make automatic judgements.

There are variuos treatments/products that can help. If you would like to discuss with one of our therapists please contact the salon and book a consultation.

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