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Rosacea Management

Rosacea Management

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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the skin most commonly affecting the central face (cheeks, chin,nose and forehead). There is often a flushing with erythema, papules and pustules. This can often be accompanied by a burning or stinging sensation and dilated blood vessels on the face. quite often clients report a history of a flushing response to a variety of stimuli. Less common is papulopustular rosacea which has a central redness but is associated with pustules and papules. Rhinophymatous is where a client experiences a thickening of the skin particularly over the nose ( more common in men).

So what can we do?

There are a number of things you can do to alleviate symptoms such as reddening of the skin and reduce pustules and papules. Often antibiotics are prescribed but many salon treatments can make a big difference.

Laser treatment of rosacea:

*IPL systems are capable of reducing both erythema and thread veins; by simply removing the erythema can lead to a significant improvement  psychologically, particularly in terms of the perception that a red face is associated with alcohol consumption.

Product home care.

You will begin to recognize your own triggers, perhaps spicy food, chocolate or coffee will cause a red face, or perhaps your homecare products are a little too harsh. You can always get professional advice when selecting skin care products if you are unsure. Some of our favorites for Rosacea sufferers:


Ultracalming cleanser 250ml £27.20 and 500ml £48

Ultracalming serum concentrate £53.15

Barrier repair £36.90

Redness relief primer £38.40


*patch test required prior to treatment


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