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Our favourite products for oily skin.

Our favourite products for oily skin.

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Ok, hands up, who has an oily skin? Well, I have battled with oily skin since I was a teenager. Now in my 40’s its really not fair that I am still prone to breakouts. My husband often refers to my breakouts as ‘gig spots’ (he used to be in a band when he was in his early twenties and when an important gig was imminent he would get a huge spot) and now I find myself still battling the breakouts!! The good news for all you fellow sufferers is that as you get older you will age more gracefully, the oil in your skin helps to keep the lines at bay and we often look a lot more youthful than our dry skinned counterparts. Every cloud ……

As a Dermalogica stockist I am in the fortunate position of having a vast array of products at my disposal. Whilst there are cheaper products on the market, do beware of clever marketing that promises to rid you of spots within a matter of days, a number of these products will strip the skin, leaving your skin red, dry and sore. Seek advice from a professional aesthetician rather than opting for something that could cause you more problems than you started with.

My go to products haven’t changed over the last few years and that’s because they work.

Dermal clay cleanser, this product absorbs oil as it key ingredients are kaolin and green clays, cucumber and sage will cool the skin, priced at £32 for 50ml.

Skin prep scrub used twice a week to exfoliate the skin will improve the texture of your skin, removes dulling surface debris leaving pores clean, your skin will feel really smooth and look fresh. Don’t overdo it with this product though, if you are purchasing make sure you get advice on how often you should use it. Priced at £31

Sebum clearing masque, I love this product, this masque feels cooling and contains oil absorbing clays to help prevent and dry out existing breakouts. Salicylic acid stimulates natural exfoliation to keep pores clear and eliminate excess oils. I have been known to go to bed with this dotted on my spots. Priced at £44.50 you’ll get months out of this product.

Overnight clearing gel. Priced at £45 this serum calms inflammation and helps to reduce excess sebum therefore minimising breakout activity, apply at bedtime on affected areas and allow to absorb, you will see results with this treatment very quickly and unlike prescribed products such as benzoyl peroxide found in many topical creams you won’t find your towels and pillow cases bleached.

Clearing mattifier This product is awesome to reduce shine which can be a real pain for those of us with an oily skin. Cinnamon bark blend helps eliminate bacteria to reduce blackheads, botanicals bio regulate oil secretions to help maintain an oil day long  matte finish. Priced at £47.50, this is a brilliant product. Apply under your moisturiser and  your makeup will last all day.

Active moist is a moisturiser that has worked well for me, it is most suited to an oily/combination skin, feels lightweight, it contains a combination of plant extracts and silk amino acids to help improve skin texture, priced at £33.50 for 50 ml.

In addition to a good home care regime it is worth considering some professional treatments. My treatment of choice would most definitely be the Mesoestetic skin peels. With a range of peels to choose from to suit your skin, these facials are results driven and clear up my skin really quickly. Priced at £65 for one treatment we do advise to take a course of 6 for optimum results. The treatment has little downtime and takes about 40 minutes so could be done in your lunch hour if you are ok with going back to work with no make up on.

I could talk to you endlessly on the subject of oily skin as I have learnt how to deal with it so well over the years. I understand that spots can have an affect on your self esteem and ironically stress can exacabate your problem. Seek advice, this is a common problem which can vary in degrees of severity, try chatting to your GP or find a reputable aesthetician or Dermatologist, there are many ways to tackle this problem. I hope you have found some useful advice here but please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you would like to discuss further.




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