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Our Favourite Moisturising Skincare Products

Our Favourite Moisturising Skincare Products

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 As Autumn is upon and there is a noticeable chill in the air often our skin can  change along with the changing environment. Our skin can react to changing seasons in a number of ways, and at this time of year in particular, it can become environmentally sensitised. It sounds a bit scientific doesn’t it? Well, when you’re out in the cold weather- to meet your friends, to take the kids outside, or to brave the chill for a run- you may have noticed afterwards that your face has gone red and tender; this is common and we have many products that can help. The ultra calming range by Dermalogica is fantastic for environmentally sensitised skin and can reduce redness considerably. Preparation to face the elements; in this case, a good moisturiser is our best line of defence.

Picking new products or knowing which products you need for your skin type can be a bit tricky. At Beauty Haven we have a wide range of products for a number of different skin types. We can identify your skin type and recommend a suitable range or specific product for your skin’s needs. If unsure of what to buy, we offer a face mapping in depth skin consolation to ensure you are using the correct products to suit your needs.

A quick overview of our top selling moisturisers ……..

If you have oily skin, active moist is a great option for every day, it’s lightweight and easy to wear; it’s also oil free which suits this skin type.

Dry skin can become aggravated in colder weather. Dermalogica’s intensive moisture balance, which is rich with healing vitamins and botanical components to help you combat the cold!

For sensitive skin, which again, can sometimes worsen with the weather, barrier repair is fantastic, as the name suggests it provides a barrier to protect the skin against the environmental triggers that can aggravate sensitive skin. This is the white knight of moisturisers!

Mature skin can benefit from a little more TLC, especially when facing the harshness of the cooler months! The AGE smart range has a number of great options, Dynamic skin repair being top of our list. This moisturiser not only helps combat seasonal dryness and provides SPF 50, it also promotes firmness and elasticity- bonus!

For younger skin, our Clear Start range is tailor made for teenage, breakout prone skin. With special botanical oil absorbing properties and hydration where you need it, the matte moisturizer in this range is perfect for you as we move into sweater weather.

Our lips are always the first to be impacted by the chill in the air. It’s always a mark of the season when you feel notice those chapped edges! Happily, we have done some research for you and found the top 5 lip balms out there that won’t break the bank but will repair your lips!

A classic handbag or backpack staple- Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Tin. At just £2.00 it’s hard to say no to this quick fix for dry, sore lips. Our preference is the cocoa butter tin, as this adds an extra silky smooth feel.

 Another classic solution at just £2.55 is Carmex’s Lip Balm Pot. That tingly feeling after application gives you peace of mind that your lips are protected.

A crowd favourite at £3.69 is Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. With a range of different fruity scents, all enriched with vitamins to keep your lips quenched, everyone is a fan of Burt’s. Try the pink grapefruit !!!!

Slightly more expensive is The Body Shop’s Chocomania Lip Butter at £4.00 but worth that little bit extra in our opinion.

This creamy lip butter provides instant hydration for dry, damaged lips. Available in many tempting scents including strawberry, mango, honey and my personal favourite …. chocolate.

Top of our list and top of the price scale at £9.50, is Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm.

 This translates as Honey Dream, and we have to say, it’s a fairly accurate description of what exactly is inside that little pot! This balm has a smooth and creamy texture that feels divine on your lips. Unlike so many lip balms, this gem doesn’t leave your lips sticky or caked in product. Nuxe has created a must have in this balm, it soothes and calms; really leaves your lips feeling as dreamy as the name implies!

 We all understand the importance of skin care but prevention is better than cure. So try to remember, if you keep hydrated and healthy, your skin may not need as much extra help as you think. Your body is yours to take care of, taking small steps day to day, by drinking lots of water for example, may save you some pennies on any repairs your skin could need over winter!

As you pull all your warm clothes from the attic, to protect your body from the worst of the cold weather no doubt coming this way, don’t forget to protect your skin too! Before wrapping up in your sweaters, scarves and hats- moisturize and protect; don’t forget your handy lip balm either!

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