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Our Favourite Dermalogica Solar Products

Our Favourite Dermalogica Solar Products

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Dermalogica’s skin treatment systems are each designed to address a specific set of concerns which will help you achieve your best skin ever. Not sure where to start? Never used Dermalogica? At Beauty Haven we have Dermalogica trained skincare therapists who can guide you using the face mapping skin analysis. This is the ultimate way to diagnose your skin’s needs and create a personalised homecare regime suitable for you. Face mapping solves skin problems in as little as 5 minutes. The time it takes to make a cup of tea! Our therapists will section you skin into zones enabling them to choose the most effective product for each area.

The most vital thing anyone can do is protect their skin from the sun, even from an early age. Most people experience sun damage from an early age, although this can take years to become visible. If you spend too much time outdoors without sunscreen or protective clothing your risk of sun damage is much greater, leaving you with potential problems in the future. Would you go out in the rain without an umbrella or coat? usually not, so the same applies with sun protection. Even on a cloudy day, the suns rays can still penetrate through the thickest of cloud cover. Do remember the same rules apply all year round, as the sun is lower in the sky during the winter months. Most of us think of sun protection only when on holiday but we need protection here, even in Northern Ireland. Another fact to remember is that solar products will also protect against windburn. Whether you are out walking the dog or climbing the Mourne Mountains, on a windy day you can still get burnt. Sun rays can even cause you damage through glass so sun protection is vital even if all you do in a day is drive to work and sit by the window.

Forgetting to apply SPF will not only leave you sunburnt, but in fact increase your risk of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 80%. Sun damage can appear as age spots, freckles, uneven skin tone and dilation of capillaries, all of which are hard to cover up even with the best of makeup. While these symptoms are cosmetic and not harmful as such, it is very important to be mindful of the more serious conditions that excessive sun exposure can result in. The most serious but also common is skin cancer. There are different types of skin cancer and if you are at all concerned, please speak to your doctor immediately about any changes to your skin. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer and can appear anywhere on the body. The first signs can be a change to an existing mole, in either size, colour or even bleeding. Melanoma can be successfully treated if caught early enough.

Dermalogica are very aware of how important it is to protect the skin from sun damage so much so, they have a full solar range for the face and body. The skincare therapists at Beauty Haven would like to share with you their favourite product and why. Emma our Dermalogica skincare therapist loves the Ultra sensitive tint SPF 30. This product offers a 3 in 1 as it moisturises, has a high SPF and also offers a light tint leaving the skin with a healthy glow, great for any sensitive skin, retailing at £42. Deirdre another skincare therapist at Beauty Haven loves the Solar defense booster SPF 50 which is suitable for all skin types. This broad spectrum sunscreen can be used alone for full UV protection or can be mixed into any moisturizer or foundation, creating a daylight defence without leaving that heavy, chalky feeling. This retails at £42. Hilary’s go to product is Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 from the Age Smart range retailing at £66.50. This 3 in 1 will shield against the primary triggers of skin aging as it is an emollient daily spf moisturizer rich in reparative peptides. Extremely effective for any prematurely aging or aged skin. Chiara loves the Dermalogica Protection 50 sport SPF 50, as it is water-resistant with a broad spectrum of sun protection. Retailing at £32.50, it has a lightweight non greasy formula which is suitable for all skin types. Oleosome technology provides high SPF protection without irritation so great for even the most sensitive skin. The After sun repair is a firm favourite of Siobhan’s with its light weight formula providing a natural remedy from sun or wind damage. Fortified with Clove and Cucumber extracts to help reduce discomfort and redness, and help support the healing process. This retails at £30.20 and is a holiday essential.

With all this information at hand I hope this makes you more aware of how important it is to protect your skin from those harmful sun rays in a safe and most effective way. If you would like any further information or advice contact us or call into the salon and we would be happy to assist you.






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