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Fake tans were once the preserve of WAGs and reality TV stars yet  fake tans are now commonplace with the latest figures showing that a 1/3 of British women use them at home. Fake tan is a booming industry and with so many varieties it can get a bit confusing. We have from instant, to traditional slow developing from milks, creams to mousses, to sprays, you name it whate3ver your skin needs face or body there is a fake tan to suit.

Fake tan is the best way to get a golden glow even when the suns not out shining. For many years people have been looking for sunless tanning alternatives and for good reason as we are so educated on the negative effects that the suns rays have on our skin, including premature aging, lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

One of the many benefits of fake tan is that its subtle radiance can help give a healthier and fitter appearance.

Check out our  Top Fake Tans with reviews,but before we release names/brands we want to include a few simple steps to enable you all to achieve the best results!!

*   48 hours before tanning DEFUZZ HAIR

Whether you choice of temporary hair removal is with waxing, shaving  or with Hair removal creams, it is important that you leave a window of 48hours before applying fake tan as your skin has undergone a trauma. When the hairs are being removed the hair follicle is left exposed, application of tan directly on vulnerable skin can result in infection or uneven  application.


*   24 hours before tanning EXFOILATION

This is so important for an even looking false tan!

Our skin renews itself in a cycle that takes approximately 28 days, sloughing off dead skin cells and replacing them with fresh new ones. what we don’t know is what stage of the cycle  every skin cell is at never mind every body part!  With exfoliation, we are taking control off removal of dead skin cells with the knowledge that we are applying the fake tan to new skin cells aiding in a more even effect finish.



Any dry area of concern (knees, elbows, hands and feet)  apply a light moisturiser to, as what you may find is the tan is inclined to stick to the dry patches and hold too much color.

If you apply these safe guard prep rules and try one of my  top rated tans I can reassure you, your tan will look like you’ve had a two week holiday aboard.



Caroline Fleck TV Presenter, quote from twitter “if you want natural tanning use @heshitanning, is the best”

* Tans on contact

* Dries in quickly

* Lasts 7-10 days

* Can reapply for deeper desired effect

*Moisture locked technology for long lasting results

l LOVE this fake tan gem, its a tinted, liquid tanning bronzer which gives you not only a guide for application but an instant glow, which should last up to 7-10 days. with it being a light, liquid consistency  I found it dried instantly on my skin leaving myself free to get dressed straight away ( a real bonus when you need to chase 3 young children around the house). I found this product to last on my skin just over a week, really pleased with that as I do love my hot baths which I know do de-stress me but don’t help with the dehydration of my skin.

Application was straight forward using the He-Shi Tanning Mitt which enables the tan to be applied smoothly onto the skin and protects the palms of your hands from staining.



With one St Tropez tanning product being sold every 15 seconds and one St Tropez spray tan performed every minute , it is the UKs NO1 tanning brand! Loved by celebrities, professionals and beauty editors alike, the original tan since 1996, St Tropez has a wardrobe of products to provide a natural looking streak free tan to suit every skin tone and lifestyle.

For myself personally I like the St Tropez mousse as it provides me with that instant color  (bye-bye to my blessed blue/white skin hue) and its instant drying technology, again a real God send in allowing me to pull some clothes on and not having to do some strange war dance in the hope that the tan will dry quicker. I found I got nearly 10 days from the mousse with in-between top ups and keeping skin well hydrated.

What I really like about the St Tropez range is that they have a great collection of tans from instant tans, gradual tans, self tan classics, self tan sensitive to self tan dark. Not only do they provide you with a great choice of fake tan they also have the prep and maintain range and tan enhancers.

So no excuse there, whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, aging or pale there is a St Tropez,  product to cover your every need, still afraid at that why not try a Full Body Spray Tan, at Beauty Haven the skilled  therapists  use He-Shi or Vita Liberata . The results are amazing and the process is hassle free, just ensure you wear loose comfortable clothing and flip flops.












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