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My Beauty Wishlist

My Beauty Wishlist

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Right at the top of my list is a good skincare regime- cleanser, toner, and moisturiser. I’m a huge fan of Environ skincare due to the active ingredients in this range. I’m currently using low foam cleanser, botanical infused moisturising toner, AVST 4 (moisturiser) and vita peptide eye gel.

I have a combination skin type, so I also add in sebuwash two to three time a week which I find really helps control oil production. I love a good mask, my favourite is Environs’ Revival Mask, I can really see a difference in my skin when I use it.

*If you are unsure what to use, a good idea would be to visit a beautician and have a consultation or a facial where they will be able to analyse your skin and give you the correct product recommendation.

The Environ CIT roller is high on my list. The 0.1mm needles in the Cosmetic Roll-CIT tool allow you to stimulate regrowth at home without damaging your skin, ensuring a faster recovery time with minimal discomfort and redness. When applying topical skincare after derma-rolling, the microscopic channels act as pathways for the active ingredients to travel through. (Only suitable for Environ users on AVST 4 or above)

I love to have a good facial cloth that is super soft but removes your makeup for lazy days. Also, a great as a double cleanser to use after your cleansing routine.

A great self-tan to use for those unexpected times that you have a last min plan come up and you want to feel good is Lusso rapid tan mouse for face and body, it is a lovely natural colour and there is also an amazing bath bomb within the range that removes your tan for the next application.

I absolutely love body products, I’m hooked on Joe Malone’s poppy and barley hand and body wash; it feels luxurious and smells divine. Neom Perfect Night Sleep bath foam is lovely for a pamper night.

I love scented candles, there are so many I could mention but Keltic candles have a lovely range, my current favourite is called Angels embrace.

 Last but no mean least is my all-time favourite fragrance. It is Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana; it has the most amazing citrus scent that’s last all day.

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