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My beauty role models

My beauty role models

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Most young girls look up to their Mother, sister or aunty to try and mirror their style, fashion, values and pick up make up ideas and beauty tips.  I remember my Mother was meticulous about her skin regime, I used to watch her cleanse, tone and moisturise before applying her make up. She was the one that instilled the importance of looking after your skin. This imagine has stayed with me and it’s a routine I carry out twice a day to keep my skin looking its best.

As we move into our teens we tend to look towards pop stars, soap stars and celebrities who act as our beauty role models. When we think of beauty role models we automatically think of make up, flawless skin, fashion, hairstyles but there is much more to beauty role models than this, it’s the whole ethos. There are so many great beauty role models to choose from so I have selected a small few for different reasons.

Actions speak louder than words and portraying yourself to others by what you do, say and get across to the outside world can be more beautiful,as the saying goes “True beauty is only skin deep”.

A true spokeswoman is Amal Clooney a Barrister-in-Law with a lot of high profile clients. This lady takes on some serious issues. As a Human rights lawyer she has been appointed as the UK government’s special envoy on media freedom. It has been announced by The British Foreign Office that Amal Clooney will work without a fee with the Foreign Secretary to “counter draconian laws that hinder journalists from going about their work”.

Role models for everyone should portray positive words and actions, acting as ambassadors for humanitarian causes working hard to achieve goals and dreams. A role model can serve as an example to others and influences the way the youth look up to that person to shape the way they think, behave and form opinions. No better woman for this job than Kate Middleton, she has brains, beauty and elegance. The Duchess of Cambridge is super chic, pristine and never has a bad day of fashion. Supporting mental health and emotional resilience for children, focusing on the earliest stages of life – from pre-birth to 5 years, her campaign for children’s mental health highlight the importance of sports, nature and the outdoors.

Jennifer Aniston is the daughter of a former model and has talked exclusively about her skin care regime, being the face of Aveeno skincare products and a brand ambassador for Smart water.  She turned 50 this year and her skin and hair not forgetting ‘The Rachel Cut’ that everyone dreamed of during the Friends series has been much talked about.  She uses derma rollers on her skin which she swears by and works out at the gym paying a lot of attention on her arms using weights to strengthen and tone muscles. Not only does she look good on the outside she works on inner beauty, loves yoga and running to keep her body and mind in shape. Whether she is strutting the red carpet or out and about shopping in jeans and t-shirt this lady looks amazing.

Emma Willis is a television presenter, DJ and former model known for her bold hairstyles and presenter of The Voice and Big Brother. As a new style icon she is stylish and looks stunning and her skin is bright and vibrant. Collaborating with Eylure to create affordable eyelashes, her fashion and she was recently named the face of Next and shares her favourite items on social media.

Her charity work is with The Orchid Project which puts an end to female genital cutting (FGC). Her body camp activities include morning hikes, yoga and nutrition talks, this lady radiates beauty.

Holly Willoughey is an Ambassador for Garnier UK and Marks and Spencer. Her look in the jungle on I’m a celebrity get me out of here was natural and looked effortless. Holly recently refused to talk about her diet saying it isn’t helpful when weight and dieting become obsessive, having discussed topics of anorexia with parents this fascination with weight doesn’t help.

These five ladies are beautiful, talented, exude compassion and are true beauty role models.

Theres so much more to beauty than good looks & flawless skin, I love this quote:

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. Audrey Hepburn

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