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My Acid Peel Experience

My Acid Peel Experience

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Being a therapist myself I am really into looking after my skin and trying to do the best I can to stop any premature ageing.

I had never heard of mesoestetic before coming to Beauty Haven but as soon as I was told they are a cosmeceutical skincare range this got me excited.  The more results driven the better!

I began my treatment with a very in depth consultation to ensure I would get the most out of my peel.  I have had many peels in the past so we knew my skin was able to take a higher level strength of peel.

After the cleansing and prepping stage of the facial, a thin layer of glycolic acid was applied around my face.  I experienced a slight tingle from this (what I want to feel so I know its doing something).  The glycolic acid wasn’t left on for long as it was just a base for my Azelan peel.  After 3 minutes this was removed and a stem cell active growth factor cream was applied.

My results were truly amazing, my skin was so smooth and soft, it felt hydrated and tighter with a diffusion in my redness.  I would recommended mesoestetic peels for anyone and any skin types.

The benefits for a chemical peel are:

Close open pores, improve the texture, address the effects of skin aging which softens wrinkles, lighten pigmentation and reduce the manifestations of acne and improve the appearance of scars.

A before and after image of what mesoestetic peels can do for acne sufferers

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