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How to deal with Maskne!

How to deal with Maskne!

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So how should you change your skincare routine to adapt to wearing a mask and reducing Maskne?

Wearing a face mask when you head for the shops is no doubt a good idea in preventing the spread of Coronavirus however on the down side it is having an impact on our skin with many of us are suffering from breakouts, irritation, and redness.

Lets think about the reasons why this happens. If you have a fabric mask against your skin all day, the material can cause friction, in addition you feel hotter than normal causing your face to sweat, this sweat dries in as you can’t blot your skin as you normally would, dirt and oil sits on the skin and causes breakouts. These masks should be washed every day as re wearing a mask that has makeup and dried in sweat is full of bacteria and will create skin problems.

Our top tips to tackle maskne!!

Choose a fabric for your mask that is soft and won’t irritate the skin, cotton or washable silk wash will reduce friction and cause less irritation to the skin. Rather than wait for the next washing machine cycle you need to buy a proper stash that you can rotate and wear a clean mask every day.

Remove your mask when you are not wearing it, breathing in a confined space can suffocate the skin, mixed with sweat this is a breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to potential breakouts and congestion

Avoid wearing heavy make up and preferably opt for a mineral make up base. Wash your face as soon as you get home and put your mask in the wash.

If your skin is prone to inflammation and breakouts then you may want to invest a little more time and money into your skincare to ensure that whilst we have to wear masks you are looking after it morning and night with the correct products. It may be a good time to seek advise from a professional to ensure you are using the correct products. Adding in a face mask a couple of times a week is a great addition to hydrate the skin, a clay mask is great to draw out impurities on an acneic skin. A good moisturiser with hyaluronic acid will help rehydrate a dry dehydrated skin.

It may sound obvious but take off your mask when you are not around other people to allow your skin to breath.

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