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Make up bag must haves ….

Make up bag must haves ….

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If you would like to streamline your makeup bag, then read along as I will tell you what I think are the best products to have in your handbag.

If you are anything like me and like to be prepared for every possible scenario that might crop up, can you imagine how much I would want to have in my makeup bag. So, I find myself wanting to have everything to do a full face of makeup just for that what if, or when you are running late for a function and need to do your makeup in the car, definitely not while driving though.

I would say my no 1 would be a great compact foundation, if it has a mirror that would be an added bonus. As I have mentioned before my favourite is Jane Iredale Pure Pressed refillable compact, it ticks all the boxes with a mirror also a magnet to refill your shade if it happened to change over the seasons or just when it is finished.  And a definite must to go with it is the Jane Iredale ‘Handi’ brush to give you that flawless finish. With this pair you will be able to touch up your makeup, or do as light to full coverage to suit your foundation needs. Don’t forget a good concealer or eye brightener for under your eyes and spot concealing, apply this before your foundation.

When it comes to makeup that you have with you all the time, they need to be multi-functioning, so I love the 2 in 1 bronzer and blush or bronzer and highlighter combos. I would say for ease of use and making it less likely to create a mess, stick to carrying mainly powders rather than liquids where possible. Ans another great reason is that you are able to use a powder bronzer and highlighter on your eyes if you don’t have any portable eye shadows.

For eyes shadows a good pallet would be very compact and have 4-6 colours in, also to be able to do a day or night looks or change you day makeup to night. Neutral colours are also a good idea so as that you makeup doesn’t clash with your outfit. A big bonus is if it has brushes with it, so 2 most important are a nice fluffy blending brush and a compact dense brush for applying shadows.

Once you have your flawless foundation and eye shadow on you will want to add a nice liner and mascara to that. I would say a good liner would be a felt tip or pencil for ease of use on the go. A mascara with a big hard brittle brush is also going to get the job done quickly and with as little mess as possible. Also don’t forget to throw in a brow set with colour for a quick touch up of your brows or just to set them in place and add some colour or a little pencil with a spoolie attached.

When it comes to lipstick, I would say a have a few choices no more than 3 as you can always mix and match them. My favourite here would be a liquid lip colour as they stay the longest and can be applied as a lip stain or solid colour. Another thing you can use them for is blush or even eyeshadow if you would like a pop of colour on the eyes instead of the lips. A nude lip pencil is also very handy for a nude lip with or without lipstick, and can also be applied to the water line to create the illusion of bigger eyes.  

One of my favourite lazy makeup looks is a bold lip and lots of mascara with flawless foundation.

Then lastly a good setting spray to use through out the day or when you have finished creating your look on the go.

Little bonuses in your makeup bag would be some ear buds, eye drops and a good lip balm. Then lastly the actual bag, its always great to have a clear bag or one with a clear side, so you can see what you are looking for when doing your makeup on your lap in the car as I mainly do.  And ps remember again never drive and apply your makeup, only if you a passenger 😊

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