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You know the routine. You wake up every morning and spend most of your shower trying to shave your legs and underarms without ending up with cuts or painful razor burn.

For many of you, the aggravation continues past the daily shaving. Many of you have to deal with unwanted body or facial hair that requires bleaching or waxing. Again, you have to spend your time trying to make the hair go away, and the worst part is, you will soon have to go through the process all over again.

It is a vicious cycle of dealing with the aggravation of ongoing hair removal or just living with embarrassing body hair. No one wants that.However, you can break the cycle and you can make use of laser hair removal in Belfast offered by a professional and qualified salon. When you want to experience a life free of that unsightly hair, you can achieve it by visiting Beauty Haven.

Beauty Haven Belfast makes use of a state of the art laser hair removal process called Ellipse. This technique targets each individual hair with a heat that reacts only to the hair itself. This means that the process will not burn your skin and it will not cause long-term damage. You will not have to worry about danger to your skin and you will not have to worry about experiencing pain during the process. Also, Beauty Haven is registered with the RQIA – The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority. All clinics offering Laser treatments must now be registered. This ensures the client the highest possible levels of health and safety.

The best part of the laser hair removal procedure is that it is permanent (see the FAQs below). You will have to undergo 4 – 6 of the laser treatments to fully remove the hair, but from then on, you will live your life without the shaving, the waxing, the bleach, the razor burns, and the prickly skin. You will also find that this frees up a great deal of time in your busy life.

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Costs for Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Belfast

  Plan1 Plan2 (6 treatments)
Upper Lip £35 £175
Chin £50 £250
Upper Lip & Chin £60 £300
Centre Brow £45 £225
Cheeks £70 £350
Neck front £70 £350
Underarms £60 £300
Chest (except breasts) £105 £525
Breasts £50 £250
Abdomen £100 £500
Stomach centre line £40 £200
Lower Back £125 £625
Upper Arms £120 £600
Forearms £120 £600
Bikini £65 £325
Extended Bikini Line £100 £500
Bikini & underarm £110 £550
Extended Bikini & underarm £145 £725
Buttocks £125 £625
Thighs £145 £725
Lower Legs £160 £800
Full Legs £250 £1250
Hands/Feet £60 £300