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Keri’s Make Up Tips – Make Up Brushes

Keri’s Make Up Tips – Make Up Brushes

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Brushes are a staple of your daily make-up application, without them it’s like a workman with no tools! Jane Iredale provide a large range of professionally designed and luxurious make-up brushes. What I love about Jane Iredale brushes is that you get amazing professional quality that is long lasting without breaking the bank. I am going to share with you my favourite brushes which I think are essential for all make-up routines.

The Handi Brush is a hand-tied goat hair brush that is perfect for applying pressed mineral foundations, blush, bronzer and pressed powders. This is one of my favourite brushes because of its ultra-soft feel and how it evenly distributes many different products. Great for applying PurePressed Base & PurePressed Blush, giving either sheer or medium coverage.

The Dome Brush is a multi-purpose brush which is made with goat hair that has been hand-tied. I love this brush because it is so gentle on the skin but always provides brilliant application of both bronzer and blush. I would recommend trying Jane Iredale’s PurePressed Blush and So-Bronze for highlighting with the Dome Brush.

Another one of my favourite brushes for applying loose powders and blush is the Chisel Powder Brush (made of goat hair). This brush is great for achieving either sheer or medium coverage with the product always evenly distributed.

The Foundation Brush by Jane Iredale is the only brush I use to apply my foundation now. It’s my favourite foundation brush because I love how it gives even, well-blended coverage and also allows application to difficult parts of the face such as the nose area or inner corner of the eye due to its chiseled shape. The Foundation Brush is made of Taklon nylon which is designed to allow perfect application of Liquid Minerals Foundation for either medium or full coverage.

For defining/filling brows and lining eyes with eyeline I would recommend the Angle Liner/Brow Brush. This slim brush features a flat, angled head that is made of Taklon nylon bristles which provide firm yet soft application.

Getting your eye make-up just right ensures that you achieve the perfect look. Jane Iredale’s Eye Contour and Eye Shader Brushes are crucial elements when I’m trying to perfect my eye make-up. The Eye Contour Brush is a flat pony hair brush with a tapered contour for working in the crease. The contour can be used to make a sideways “v” on the outside corner of the eyelid which will give the whole eye a lift. Also use this brush to apply a darker accent colour into the crease, blending up towards the brow bone. The Eye Shader Brush is also made of pony hair and I would use this to apply the eye base colour onto the eyelid (try to aim for a medium shade as this will work well with the darker accents you apply using the Eye Contour Brush).

My recommended brush for applying cream based concealers is the Camouflage Brush, although it can also be used to apply eye shadows. This brush is one of my favourites as it can be used wet or dry because it is made of Taklon nylon. It is the perfect shape and size to allow smooth application of concealer in sometimes hard to reach places such as the corner of the eyes and under the lower lashes. I love to use the Camouflage Brush when applying Circle/Delete and Disappear concealers because I think it provides great coverage and easy application.

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