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Keri’s Make Up Tips – Face Shapes

Keri’s Make Up Tips – Face Shapes

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I’m going to give you some tips and tricks that are specific for each common face shape. These will help you make sure that you’re wearing makeup that will enhance your features and aspects of your particular face shape, while minimizing your less favorite attributes.

Heart shaped: aim to draw focus away from your prominent chin and cheekbones by wearing feminine, sheer and soft tones. Also try adding a pop of colour on your mouth and cheeks to downplay the strong, razor sharp cheekbones. Avoid highlighting, or adding sheen on top of cheekbones as it’ll pronounce your already defined cheeks.

Round shaped: add definition to your face by trying an overall bronzy look with smoky eyes. Blend bronzer underneath your cheekbones to add cut and definition then sweep highlighter on top of your cheekbones to pronounce them and add shape. Try angular shaped brows as these will downplay the round shape of your face, just make sure they aren’t too severe. Apply smoky eyeshadow and then use liquid liner to finish your eyes off, this will also add more definition to the face.

Square shaped: to help soften your angular features try a makeup look that’s soft, feminine, ethereal with shimmery texture. To achieve this blend a rosy-toned cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, and avoid harsh eyeliners or lip colors. Try a soft sheer gloss or lip stain in pretty shades like sheer pinks or coral. Finish off your look by playing up your lashes with two coats of mascara to add a flirty, girly finish to your face.

Oval shaped: to help cut down the length of your face try a rosy or bronzy blush that goes horizontal across the cheeks and define your eyes and lips. Blend a bronzy-coloured blush or bronzer in an upsweep motion from the apples of your cheeks toward your temples. Line lips before applying gloss or lipstick to define the chin area more. Apply a sheer eyeshadow shade then blend a medium/darker shade in your creases to add more overall definition to your face.

Diamond shaped: you can do some contouring to balance out your face shape, the goal is to add fullness to both your jaw and your forehead, while minimizing the width of your cheeks. By using both light and dark shades of foundation, you can highlight and contour your diamond-shaped face to create a more balanced look. Apply darker, warmer foundation to areas you want to minimize (outside of the cheekbones). Apply lighter foundation to the area you want to emphasize (chin and forehead).

Oblong shaped: use contouring to accentuate your cheekbones and bring out the middle third of the face, this will make your face appear more equally proportioned. Use bronzer to contour the sides of the jaw, temples and hairline to minimize the prominent forehead, and then highlight the chin and cheekbones.

These simple tricks really do make a difference. If you are unsure as to which face shape you are please pop in to the salon and we’ll be happy to guide you.

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