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48.Its the season for the ‘Little Black Dress’ Need to lose a few inches?

48.Its the season for the ‘Little Black Dress’ Need to lose a few inches?

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The festive session is fast approaching which leaves us wondering how we are going to fit into that ‘special dress’ for that ‘special occasion’. We all have areas of concern which we feel could look more toned and trim.

The month of December can be so busy and stressful getting organised for Christmas, that we find it hard fitting in the gym sessions and planning a healthy eating regime, and we often feel the need to resort to a quick fix for that feel good factor.

Body wraps offer instant inch loss and firmness to the skin whist aiding the removal of toxins from the body. At Beauty Haven, we offer the Harley Body wrap, which is an Aloe Vera based treatment. Warm bandages are soaked in Aloe vera solution which combined, open the skins pores, which enables us to penetrate the layers of the skin.  This allows us to reach connective tissues which hold fat cells and release the build up of water, impurities and toxins. The Aloe vera breaks down and cleanses the body of the toxins, to flush them through our natural waste system.

Once toxins have been removed, the bodys natural elastin holds the new sculptured shape which has formed due to the wrapping process, to make fitting into that special dress so much easier. Priced at £55 its a small price to pay to fit into that special dress. We recommend a course of 6 treatments for maximum results and benifits of the treatment.

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