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Are you feeling tired, uncomfortable or nauseous in your pregnancy? Well you may be surprised to know that an ancient form of healing called reflexology can actually help treat many common pregnancy ailments and even help you during your labor.



Reflexology has been around for over 4000 years, originally practiced by the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese but it was first recognized in the Western World in 1913 when Dr William Fitzgerald noticed that pressure on specific parts of the body can have an anaesthetizing effect on corresponding areas in the body. This was further developed in the 1930s by Eunice Ingham, who defined reflexology as it is practiced today.

Reflexology is a natural, non invasive healing treatment that uses pressure points on the feet and sometimes the hands to balance out other parts of the body. The idea is that this pressure allows blocked energy to flow freely which increases blood flow and the removal of toxin waste and did I not mention the treatment is bliss, feels amazing even for those like myself with extremely sensitive tickly feet.

Stimulating these reflexes properly can solve many health problems in a natural way, a type of preventative maintenance, it really is an advance in the health field though many do confuse it with a massage.



In an ideal world the time to begin to prepare your body for pregnancy is about 4 months before conception. The  most important developments in the womb take place in the early weeks of pregnancy so it is a good idea when planning a pregnancy to ensure your body is in optimum condition to carry a baby and to rid the body of as many toxins as possible.



Reflexology is one of the most relaxing therapies you can choose to have during pregnancy. It is considered perfectly safe and improves your general well being, I find it as many others do to be extremely relaxing as it helps your body to adjust to all the major hormonal changes that you are undergoing.

I have been truly blessed with 3 beautiful children and feel pregnancy is truly a wonderful thing and many women adjust perfectly to the hormonal changes that are taking place, unlike myself! Sometimes though its also the husbands , that struggle with our hormonal changes and can cause them a lot of grief! No sympathy may I add.

These changes can affect our bodies and minds in many different ways and can include anything from morning sickness (which can last most of the day if you are really unfortunate), backache, digestive problems, anxieties, fears, tension, heartburn, bladder problems, mild cramping sleeplessness and even hemorrhoids (oh the joys!!)

I have to say I could put my hand up to each and every one of those pregnancy aliments, no wonder I was SLIGHTLY difficult to live with, I may feel now 8,7 & 5 years after the pregnancies a slight bit sorry for my hubby. In all seriousness I found with regular treatments of reflexology it certainly helped to ease these aliments.

There is very little that cant be addressed in a reflexology treatment as the aim is to bring about balance and wellness in the whole person YOU. For this reason, you might find that improvements in areas that you didn’t come to have treat, another bonus.



Obviously when you are pregnant, you want to make sure that everything you do is safe for you and your baby. Whether you are concerned about what foods you are eating, how much alcohol if any is allowed ? And the same goes for any treatment holistic or non invasive they are or seemed to be. Midwife Hannah Hulme Hunter says

“Reflexology is generally considered safe in pregnancy, provided all is well with your pregnancy and your Reflexologist knows that you are pregnant”



So many of the aliments us women experience whilst carrying our unborn baby will be assisted through regular reflexology treatments.

Throughout your pregnancy a Reflexology treatment will focus on relaxation, which is paramount in assisting a straight forward labour and birth.

Research has also shown that women who have reflexology during their pregnancy are more likely to give birth at full term and have shorter labors requiring less pain relief.

Other known benefits during pregnancy are :-

* Relief from morning sickness

*Relief from sciatic pain and back ache

*reduction of swelling in ankles and general fluid retention

*relief from stress and anxiety

*helping to lower blood pressure

* Helping with insomnia and lack of sleep

* Turning a breech baby

* Preparation for labor

With these facts alone I myself would recommend booking a Reflexology appointment to ease your self through your pregnancy.

However there are also times when it is not advisable to have reflexology when pregnant, it should be avoided if :-

* You are at risk of pre-eclampsia

* You have deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

* You have Placenta Previa after 32 weeks gestation



Once you have had your baby , reflexology does not need to stop, well apart from finding the TIME!!

There are many great benefits of continuing treatment post labor such as assisting with :-

* Postnatal depression

* Increase in energy levels

* Inadequate lactation to allow breastfeeding

* Sleep problems

* Backache

* rebalancing the body to allow your menstrual cycle to return to normal

My own personal conclusion is that continuing with reflexology  after birth will encourage a speedy recovery from the labor and most importantly, some much needed time out for new mums!!

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