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Millions of people are embarrassed by their excess facial and body hair. If you are plagued by coarse annoying hairs springing back up as soon as you shave them off, or having to wait until the hairs have grown back with enough length to be able to be waxed again, electrolysis might just be for you. A huge success at present, is laser hair removal and rightly so, but for clients with blonde, grey or white hair, laser hair removal might not be the best option for you. As the laser attacks the pigment in the hair that carries it to the hair shaft to take effect in the follicle if your hair is off a light shade the process will not be as effective. So, in this case electrolysis hair removal is a good choice for you as electrolysis is effective on all skin and hair types. IT IS OFTEN THE BEST ALTERNATIVE FOR THOSE WITH LIGHTER HAIR & IT IS PERMANENT!

So, excited about hair removal but still wondering “What exactly is electrolysis??”

Electrolysis is a time tested method that was invented more than 100 years ago to  remove irritating, ingrown eyelash hairs. This occurs when the eyelash grows in an abnormal way and begins to irritate the eyeball. Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that can be used in this case as it completely destroys the hair follicle so there will be no regrowth EVER, can you imagine the discomfort of the regrowth against your eyeball!!  Hence to say that electrolysis is the only safe and effective method of hair removal that has been proven to be permanent. With advances and trials over the years electrolysis is not just limited to those painful abnormal eyelash hairs, it is suitable for all of us that suffer from recurring patches of hair  –  after all hair growth is natural, but some people have very dark course hair that causes them great concern. Electrolysis treats each hair follicle with a very fine, disposable sterile needle probe, this needle is inserted directly into the hair follicle and a current is released inside this current destroys the follicle’s ability to reproduce, thereby eradicating hair growth.

COMMON AREAS FOR WOMEN  –  facial areas( top lip, chin, neck, cheeks, eyebrows) breasts, tummy, underarms, bikini line, legs, fingers and toes.

COMMON AREAS FOR MEN  –  are the upper arms, around the ears, top of the nose, eyebrows, top of the back, and cheeks

So whether its hormonal hair growth, especially on the face, Immune illnesses, prescription medicines or just plain hugely inconvenient heredity ( cheers family genes)  can all be factors that lead to your need for something permanent. This type of hair is tough to touch like toothbrush bristles, they are deeper and more strongly rooted than typical facial hair. Laser and IPL offers temporary relief , but again isn’t suitable for all.

It is likely if you are reading this you have already  tried every hair removal method under the sun and have tried almost all of them even the most dubious ones, yet with the temporary methods only offering a very short term solution and the lasers and IPL not able to treat you as successfully if your hair color is on the lighter side or you have been on holiday or going to be exposed to strong sunlight, it like your back at square one. is no wonder you feel angry, depressed and just plain fed up about your situation. Of course you may feel elated from the instant relief when the hair is gone with these temporary methods but when it grows back you feel like your back at square one. For people with these conditions, electrolysis is like  a miracle cure. But take heed it doesn’t happen overnight, in your first treatment , you should clearly explain your expectations of the hair removal treatment, and then the therapist can tell you whether this is the right treatment for you and whether it can achieve the results you’d like.

The number of treatments required will vary from person to person as each client will have a different density of hair growth (e.g..there may be between 50 hairs and 500 hairs packed into a small area of skin tissue, whilst some clients will have less hair which is spaced out) . This means that each treatment will vary, and therefore no actual figure can be put on the number of treatments required, but you will quickly feel and see a difference giving you the confidence to continue with your treatment course.  Also not all our hairs are growing at the same time, and it can be quite a shock to find 3 or 4 hairs on your chin could actually be 30 or more hairs taking turns to grow!! On top of this thickness, skin sensitivity and dryness are other factors that need to be taken into consideration and will affect just how quickly each hair can be eliminated. The only way to deal with a large problem like hair growth is to cut it down into small manageable steps. Instead of trying to just get rid of it all in one go, which I am sorry just cant be done yet, electrolysis treats the problem by working with the hair growth, using it to prevent more hairs from growing.

I cant promise you it will provide dramatic results like when you wax and all hair is instantly gone, but what I can promise you that if you stick with it then you will be left with permanent results and a real sense of achievement.

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