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To weigh up whether electrolysis is worth it, you have to consider all options available and what your needs, concerns, requirements and time makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Here I have put together my own thoughts, opinion’s and personal journey and from that I hope to answer any questions and concerns you may have to allow yourself to assess whether  electrolysis is the right option for YOU.



Electrolysis is a method of removing hair, not just  a temporary method either but actually the ONLY PERMANENT method on the market that is available to date.

Electrolysis treats each hair follicle individually with a very fine disposable needle to permanently destroy the follicles ability to reproduce, thereby eradicating hair growth on completion of the course of treatment.

The needle is inserted into the hair follicle and an electric current is released which cuts the supply of blood and oxygen off resulting in permanent hair removal!! Bear in mind its not like you can do this once and be done with all the hairs in one area, each pore that produces hair can average 3 different hairs in the one follicle. So the hair the electrolysis is destroying is only 1 off 3, you will essentially have to go back to that hair follicle 2 more times to be  “hairless”.

Virtually any area , apart from the insides of the nose and inner ear can be treated thankfully I myself don’t require that as off yet!

Electrolysis works on all skin types and hair types including blonde, grey, white and red, unlike with Laser/IPL which is not effective on light hair since it relies on the pigment as a chromophore. With electrolysis the current being released in the hair follicle itself it doesn’t require there to be pigment in the hair for the energy to travel down.



On average results can be seen anywhere between 6 and 18 months of regular appointments. The number of sessions required will really depend on the area being treated , the density of the hair, hormones, genetics, health and any medical issues that the client may have.



While you think of needles and electric currents, I am sure you are picking up the phone to arrange your next waxing appointment but wait ………. waxing doesn’t come pain free either.

The sterile needle that is used, is super fine, you should not feel its insertion into the pore as the needle is as fine as your hair itself , yes you will feel the release of the current when its released, bear in mind its released for a matter of seconds. How painful? I hear you ask, well it does depend , some areas are more sensitive than others, for example the upper lip, and there is a wide range of tolerance levels amongst people.

I myself have experienced the sensation of the current, its what I would describe as a sharp heat sensation that is bearable for a short burst of time.

When performed by a professional any risk of scarring or skin damage is extremely slight.



I personally was so fed up with the cycle of letting my hair grow to be ripped off and then only be hair free for the maximum  10-14 days to repeat this cycle AGAIN, AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

This process was literally driving me bananas especially regarding facial hair, not only did I feel self conscious, I was always preparing my waxing appointments in the hope my hair growth cycle would fit around any events , engagements or last minute plans.

So the quest begun….. I was looking for a quick fix that was going to be more permanent, now fortunate for myself I work in the beauty industry and 10 years ago   I heard about the Laser/IPL system that gave you permanent hair reduction.

For anyone that has ventured down that route you will know that the intial outlay is high, so there I was cheque book in hand (ok, it was 10 years ago) seeing light at the end of the tunnel, only to be told I wasn’t suitable.

I was deflated “Not suitable, look at the hairs!!” Yet with my Irish colouring the Laser won’t pick up the pigment in the hair to be able to travel down into the hair follicle to cut off the blood supply to cease the hair growth.

What I was recommended was Electrolysis……. and here my journey towards hair free days begun, and do I recommend it? YES most definitely.



If you are tired of countless hours spent grooming, plucking, tweezing and shaving only to endure painful razor burn and ingrown hairs, perhaps you should consider the amazing technology offered by electrolysis hair removal.

Bear in mind that while you may see some type of a reduction in hair growth with other types of hair removal product or methods, electrolysis is the only method that can provide you with complete hair removal permanently. However this does not happen overnight.

However, any way  you look at it, facial hair is always going to be something that people want to get rid off, male or female. The sheer amount of products on todays market are aimed towards removing, reducing or hiding  facial hairs shows us that.

So I  would highly recommend Electrolysis for anyone that is troubled with excess facial hair, and their skin and hair colouring not suitable for laser or IPL, just bear in mind that with each hair follicle being treated separately it is a time consuming process yet the only treatment that can provide any kind of permanent results.

Electrolysis can over time can provide you with very long lasting results!







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