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How long do you spend cleansing your skin?

How long do you spend cleansing your skin?

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The dermal Institute recently conducted research which reflected that most woman only spend 20 seconds washing their face, which is odd when you consider the time we spend on our hair and make up in the mornings.

Quite simply, 20 seconds is not enough, the presence of environmental pollutants in the air and cosmetics such as sunblock and waterproof make up, combine daily with the skins naturally sticky sebum secretions to form thick,slick, waxy coating on the skin by the middle of the day. a spash of water and 20 seconds of cleansing can’t penetrate this layer of oil based debris that coats the skins surface. this will lead to congestion and a dull skin appearance.

Dermalogica recommends the double cleanse, starting with Precleanse where the emulsifying agents attach to oil based debris allowing it to be flushed from the skin with water. this product makes way for your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to reach the follicles and pores to remove trapped debris and metabolic waste, leaving a thoroughly clean skin.

For a glowing compexion  start the New Year off with a good skincare regime, book for FREE face mapping consultation and we can prescribe the correct products for your skin type.


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