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Goodbye Razor!

Goodbye Razor!

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Imagine no more shaving, messy hair removal creams or waxing. We have the solution !!

These traditional methods of hair removal are more frequently being replaced by laser hair removal. At Beauty Haven we use the  Ellipse intense pulse light system which produces short, safe bursts of light emitted from a flash lamp remove unwanted hair from all body sites in minutes.

The Ellipse I2PL system filters the light from the flash lamp to ensure that only the correct wavelengths reach your skin.The pigment in your hair ( melanin) absorbs the light and converts it to heat, it is the heat that destroys the hair follicle.

Ellipse clinical studies have proven that 80-95% reduction can be achieved within 6 treatments. These studies have been accepted for publication in leading medical journals and document the safety and effectiveness of Ellipse I2PL treatments. Ellipse is the first manufacturer to have a 10 year follow up study providing long term efficiency of hair removal.

No system on the market can claim 100% permanent hair removal as hair removal is influenced by age, hormonal changes in the body etc etc. Therefore all clients who have either Laser/IPL treatments can experience hair growing back/new hair forming at some point.

The Ellipse I2PL safety record is second to none,and all ellipse operators are trained to a very high standard.

* A patch test is required prior to treatment.

* We are an RQIA registered salon. All our inspections can be found online by visiting www.rqia.org.uk






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