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Facial Thread Veins – Does laser work?

Facial Thread Veins – Does laser work?

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Have you ever noticed little red, sometimes purple veins running across your cheeks and noses? Perhaps you weren’t quite sure what they were or how you got them, so what they are, who gets them and what you can do you reduce them?

These little veins are called Thread Veins, which are actually just slightly enlarged veins on the face, they can also be referred to as spider veins or broken veins (yet they are not actually broken at all)  the technical term for these veins is telangiectasia. The telangiectasia have no exact cause to how and why they appear however we have found some common factors which relates to who has them, and what can aggravate them.

Typically telangiectasia begin to appear with aging, as the elasticity in our skin starts to decrease – so does the elasticity in our blood vessels. We have also found that thread veins are more common in woman as they can be provoked by hormonal changes such as menopause and pregnancy. The over use of steroid creams and certain auto immune conditions may induce this skin condition. Genetics could also be a possibility to why these veins appear, as well as excessive sun bathing and exposure to extreme temperatures.  It is said that prolonged standing may aggravate this condition – but it will not be a “cause” of them.

So who can get Thread Veins? Anyone can get thread veins as aging does and will eventually happen to all of us. Only one in five women in their 20’s will have thread veins in comparison to over 70% of women in their 70’s who have thread veins on their face and chest. Men can also have telangiectasia, more commonly though in a 60+ age range.

Thread veins, are not dangerous, they do tend to become larger and increase over time, but it will not cause any harm to you or your skin. Often they may cause a lack in confidence, as they give the skin a red, flushed look. Imperfection is something that we all deal with on a regular basis. As beauty therapists here at Beauty Haven we strive to help people with their appearance, to help them look and feel more confident. So what can you do to get rid of them?

A treatment that we would recommend and do offer here at Beauty Haven is our IPL – laser treatment. This treatment will eliminate the unwanted red veins and will not affect the surrounding skin on your face. This treatment works by laser light. It is directed at the veined area, causing them to heat up extremely fast, break down and collapse in on themselves. (A process also known as photothermolysis.) This treatment has better results when the veins are smaller (If the veins are left untreated, and become larger, it becomes slightly more difficult to remove them.) After only 3 treatments clients have noticed a 75% reduction to their thread veins – yet the total amount of treatments needed varies from client to client.

For one week before having the IPL treatment, do not wax, or pluck in the treatment area – also do not bleach or use depilatory cream to avoid sensitivity. We recommend you avoid sunbathing/sun-beds and self-tanning products, as treatments cannot be performed on tanned skin. On the day of your treatment it is best to avoid swimming, vigorous exercise and any cosmetics on the area being treated. For 2 days after your IPL treatment we advise to avoid any means of “tanning”, saunas and steam room, vigorous exercise, swimming and make-up on the treated area.

A common question is whether this treatment is painful or not? Personally I would say no – as the sensation of the laser feels is likened to a rubber band flick to the naked skin. After each treatment the skin may appear to have a little erythema and slightly raised in the area worked on – not to worry though as this will go down in a few hours.

Your home care routine may alter slightly after having the laser thread vein treatment. We recommend keeping the skin cool, using Aloe Vera if the skin feels warm and flushed, and avoiding any harsh chemicals or abrasive products.  The Ultracalming range from Dermalogica is perfect to use following treatment as it is designed to reduce sensitivity. This ranges formula is pH balancing, redness reducing, and soothing to the skin – with ingredients like lavender, oat and cucumber it is sure to calm the skin.

For further information or to book a treatment please give us a call.

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