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31.Facial part 3.

31.Facial part 3.

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*Hydroxy Acid Dermalogica Facial Peel

Facial peel is a treatment based on removing dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. It can also increase the thickness of deeper layers of the epidermis – promoting its firmness. Various hydroxy acids are applied topically onto the skin, for moisturising and removing dead skin cells, for treating acne and improving appearance of scars, for improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin, as well as firming and smoothing your complexion. Hydroxy acids are also used to treat excessively dry skin conditions and a condition that causes darkening of the skin, most commonly known as a ‘the mask of pregnancy’ (melasma).

Either performed as a course – often before an important event, such as a wedding – or slipped into a facial to boost results, peels promise fantastic skin benefits, from whittling away lines, to evening out skin tone, to decongesting pores and generally rejuvenating your skin!  They are suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin and all age groups can be treated. In preparation for a hydroxy acid peel remember to moisturise well and use a sunscreen daily to prevent sun damage. Starting a better skin care regimen now, will help you to maintain fantastic results that last!

After the treatment you skin will feel tighter, smoother and you may experience some mild redness. It might be followed by mild scaling that ends within 3-7 days. You will use a mild non-abrasive cleanser for 5 days and protect your skin with an adequate sunscreen of SPF30 or higher. It In addition, it is best to avoid prolonged sun exposure.

A single treatment is available at a price of £45 and lasts approximately 1 hour. For maximum results we recommend a series of 6 Hydroxy Acid Peels at a special price of £225.

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