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Best Cool Peels for Winter Skin.

Best Cool Peels for Winter Skin.

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It’s time to assist your skin that may have had many happy moments soaking up the sun’s rays. If you have been using high chemical SFP during the summer month you may be experiencing negative effects such as dryness, underlying pigmentation issues often surface along with perhaps solar comedones concerns.

We are approaching the winter months or as we say Peel season, now is the time to book your season healthy skin check and discover the wide range of Cool Peels on offer.

Environ cool peel system respects the integrity of the skin and ensure that we do not interrupt our waterproof barrier that can lead to dryness caused by tans epidermal water loss.

Blemish Control – Cool Peel

This treatment will target blemish prone and stressed skin. It will eliminate bacteria on the skin and purify assisting to unclog pores and dissolve impurities.

This treatment is recommended in a course of 6.

Moisture Boost – Cool Peel

Is your skin feeling flaky and dry and need some deep nourishment? This facial is Ideal for after the summer months to gently peel away dry, tired-looking skin to help revitalise and reveal your healthiest-looking glow without any visible peeling after-effects.

Vibrant-C – Cool Peel

After these long summer days our skin is left feeling over exposed and is in desperate need for essential vitamin C to help reveal a healthy radiant glow and target any pigmentation caused by the sun. Freshly missed Vitamin C at optimal dosages forms part of Environs Vibrant-C Micro Peel designed to help refine and revive and brighten your appearance with again no downtime whatsoever.

If you aren’t sure what peel is right for you, it may be worth booking a skin consultation.

It’s never too late to start the journey to healthy skin and getting started on that journey is exciting especially when you start it with us. Some customers don’t understand where to start so let us explain the experience at our clinic.

Why do I need a consultation?

Every skin journey will start with a details skin consultation with one of our skin specialists, this gives us a deeper understanding of your skin, your goals, and expectations. We offer regular season healthy skin checks while you work exclusively with us to delivery you the results you want that means your trial-and-error methods with your skin are a thing of the past.

Prep before the consultation

On the day its best to arrive with ideally no make-up, if your stuck for time and cannot do this not to worry we will do a simple cleanse first so we can have a detailed look at the skin. If you suffer from any condition that on the day is not currently flared up its always handy to take pictures of your skin throughout different stages of the month so we can have a better insight. Lastly, we want to really understand your routine at home so just in case you forget what products you currently use why not take a quick photo so we can help understand your recent routine. If you are taking any medication that you may forget about, take a quick picture of that also.

What happens during a Skin Consultation?

We don’t like to rush our consultations and dedicate 30 minutes to understand your specific concerns. We will go through every step with you right from the beginning initially covering any medical history we need to be aware of before we start. We want you to be feel connected to your consultation and ensure all your questions will be answers and we will clarify your specific concerns and timeline you have in mind for results. We have various options we can recommend even if you a pressed for time to achieve these results. We will establish your full current skincare routine, supplementation you may take, understand the environment in which your skin lives and discuss your diet and nutrition habits. From all of this we then bespoke the ultimate package to give you the quickest and best results, you can expect professional treatment recommendation alongside supplementation and product recommendation to achieve your goals, we want you to feel educated and inspired for your future healthy skin!

What do expect afterwards?

We want to make certain you now are feeling confident with your new bespoke routine and so we pride ourselves on our aftercare service, we will arrange a courtesy call at a time that suits you best to check in on your progress and answer any questions you may have.

To book a consultation online, click on the link https://beautyhavenbelfast.com/online-consultation/

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