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Beauty Tips for Teenage Skin

Beauty Tips for Teenage Skin

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The beauty industry is awash with products that promise healthy glowing skin and how to get rid of spots in days. Unfortunately a lot of products contain alcohol which can strip the skin and deplete the skins protective barrier. The more you use these products the worst your skin becomes and breakouts occur.

Top of the list for teenage skin complaints is spots, blackheads and oily skin. This is due to hormonal changes that lead to enlargement of oil glands, creating oily skin and large pores which clog and produce blackheads.

Finding out which skin type and using the correct products to cleanse, tone, moisture and exfoliate is important. There are five different skin types.

Skin type 1: normal skin

Well balanced skin that is not too dry and not too oily. Has none or little imperfections, barely visible pores, no severe sensitivity and a radiant complexion.

 Tips:  Cleanse, Tone and moisturise using the correct skin care products for normal skin.

Skin type 2: oily skin

The face is shiny, pale and has large pores, with spots and blackheads appearing over the forehead, nose, chin, upper chest and back area. Do not squeeze spots as this will cause them to become inflamed and will result in scarring. If too much sebum is produced this can lead to acne and flare-ups. However acne is not caused by oily skin or poor hygiene.

 Tips: Use a foaming or gel cleanser for daily skin care. Cleanse twice a day using a cleanser for oily skin. Use a matte moisture to minimise oil and shine.

Skin Type 3: Combination Skin

 This is a combination of normal and oily skin and is most common amongst teenagers. Large pores, oil and blemishes occur mainly in the T-zone area of the face, which is the forehead, nose and chin. Using a cleanser without oil can help control breakouts.

Tips: Skin tends to get dehydrated, a light day and night cream can be used.

Skin type 4: sensitive skin

Can be tender, fine pores with delicate skin that is sensitive to environmental stress and influences. The skin can range from feeling tight, flaky, slightly red to allergic reactions.

Tips: Use products for sensitive skin without any additives.

Skin type 5: Dry skin

Dry skin will feel tight, itchy, red and sometimes flaky. The pores are generally invisible.

Adding water to dry skin is actually counterproductive to treating this skin condition.

Tips:  A good quality gentle cleanser dedicated for dry skin and use a minimum amount of water. Again use a moisturiser for dry skin, Dermalogica Hydrating Lotion aids with dehydration, dryness and breakouts.

Other tips that will help you look after your teenage skin.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Remove make-up before going to bed
  • Wear broad spectrum suncream
  • Avoid prolonged sunbathing
  • Keep make-up brushes clean

Once you have determined which skin type you are then the skin care routine should be as followed.

  • Cleansing

Cleansers are used as part of a skin care regime to ensure the skin is prepped for active ingredients. Use a cleanser for your own skin type to clean your face thoroughly twice a day.

If you wear make-up use a pre-cleanser to remove all traces of make-up and then follow with your normal cleanser, known as double cleansing.

  • Toning

Once your face is clean, follow up with toning. Use a good quality mild toner without alcohol. Toners are used to enhance the penetration of other products. Removes traces of cleanser, dirt and pollutants and restores the skins protective barrier.

  • Moisturising

After toning, apply a moisturiser. Moisturising keeps your skin healthy, soft, plumps the skin and prevents dryness. Protects from environmental attack and repairs any damage.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliate your face once a week with a gentle exfoliator, this helps you get rid of the dead skin cells and promotes cell regeneration.  Do not exfoliate if you have sensitive skin or acneic skin.

Growing up can be hard enough as a teenager, without the added stress of acne. If you think you have this condition, visit your GP to discuss and receive treatment.

Beauty Haven have a wealth of knowledge and offer advice on products and facials.  Our favourite products for treating problematic skin is the focus clarity range from Environ. Sebu-wash cleanser is one of our best selling products.Any concerns you may have we are only a phone call away, or pop into the salon and chat to our experienced therapists.

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