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Beauty In Quarantine.

Beauty In Quarantine.

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The COVID – 19 pandemic has come as a real shock to most of us. Social distancing and government guidelines have required practically all of us to stay at home for the time being. Its early days yet, but so far, my house has never been so clean, my washing and ironing up to date and I’m building some exercise into my daily routine. Skype and face time conversations are the ‘new normal’ ……. thank goodness for technology.

The beauty industry amongst many others is taking a hit but whilst salons are closed you can do a little ‘at home grooming’. You may not get the same result but it will be enough to get you through until businesses reopen again.

Facials & Skincare

Its an ideal time to give your skin a break from make up. You aren’t going anywhere so give it a whirl. Recreate a salon facial at home, play some relaxing music, light some candles, wash your hands and begin your cleansing routine. Double cleanse first and then tone your skin, steaming the face if possible is next, either in a hot shower or wash out a flannel in hot water and place on the face for 20 -30 seconds. Follow with an exfoliator if you have one.Remove Exfoliator and give yourself a pressure point facial massage, even just for 5 minutes followed by a mask if you have one. There are lots of ideas online for making a mask at home, such as mashed avocado, sliced cucumber for the eyes, do a little research to find your favourite one and give it a go. Leave on for 10  minutes, remove and apply moisturiser and eye cream. Voila, your DIY facial is complete.

Hair Removal.

If you are a regular waxer then you will most likely find that your hair growth is slower and less coarse than it used to be. You can buy wax in many pharmacy’s to heat in the microwave, just be careful not to overheat it.  I would only recommend waxing at home for experienced users.


If you have been having regular treatments, you will no doubt be concerned about the interruption to your treatment. My best advice is to either shave or trim the hair, try to avoid plucking as this will set the treatment back.


Nails are relatively easy to do at home. If you live with others perhaps you could take it in turns to do each others nails, or even paint the kids nails for a bit of fun. Begin by filing and shaping the nails, if your cuticles are a bit overgrown, steep your fingers in warm soapy water, or maybe do this after you have had a relaxing bath. Once the skin is softened, push the cuticles back, if you don’t own a hoof stick, just push back gently with your fingers. Apply hand cream, at the moment we are all so frantic about washing our hands, I don’t know about you, but my hands feel so dry. Make sure there is no hand cream on the nails before painting, apply a little nail polish remover to make sure. Always apply a base coat first, this protects the nail from discolouration, follow with two coats of colour and then a top coat. Sit back and relax and allow the nails to dry completely.

Whilst we are all staying indoors, if you are running low on products please email us at beautyhaven@btconnect.com We have set up deals with our suppliers to send products directly to you so don’t panic if you run out of anything.

If you have any beauty related concerns we can arrange a consultation via skype or whatsapp. Email or send a facebook message and I will respond as soon as I can.

In the meantime, stay at home if you can and stay safe.




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