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Can you believe it is time for all the mayhem of the festive season again!!! With the passing of time (yes!!! we are another year older!) and commercial activities, ideas for Christmas have dramatically changed from the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh that originated 2010 years ago….and it has all got so difficult! Buying presents can be a mixture of pleasure and pain, so to ease your struggle in your search for the’ perfect gift’ check out the latest ideas we have put together in Beauty Haven.

DON’T FORGET, if it all gets too much, to be KIND TO YOURSELF…Come in and be pampered with one of our speciality massages and RELAX.

MASSAGE is one of the most ancient methods of healing. Massage can manipulate blood flow, stimulate sebaceous production, increase muscle tone, detoxify acid waste in the tissues and muscles, relax the nerves and assist in oxygenating the skin! Ancient cultures utilised massage as a form of therapeutic medicine, delivering the same type of benefits being sought by clients today.

Massage – a present for yourself -A state of wellbeing to body, mind and spirit; escaping the stresses of the ‘holiday season’ and relaxing, with therapeutic benefits. (also a lovely gift for someone you care for.)

We offer Full body Massage, Back and Tension, Hot Stone, Indian Head and Balinese.

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