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Everyone appreciates a good deal but what we really all love and rate is a good product and they don’t always come with a cheap price tag!

When it comes to hair, makeup and skin care (and clothes obviously) sometimes it can be worth it to spend a little extra cash for quality, and who doesn’t like to splurge every now and then?? There is something so satisfying about stopping by House Of Frazer and leaving with an impeccably wrapped package, even if the package is not for oneself, you still leave carrying your parcel like its a Chanel handbag, which would require serious saving, whereas a Chanel eyeliner still gives you the glamour of the logo.

Spend a bit more on that  one purchase and in the long run you don’t have to spend smaller amounts to replace something, the same goes for beauty, its better to invest in a few key items that usually require you to use less product anyway.



compact £12

refill        £31

I feel a good base is a very important part of your make up and therefore its worth investing a little more to ensure you get a good base suited for your skin. The base to me is so important as it is what everything else sits on and with many ranges and products on the market today it is no wonder we get stressed or confused when trying to pick a brand that you think will suit. JANE IREDALE mineral makeup is known as  ” The Skin Care Make-up” it is so safe and beneficial to use that it is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists throughout the world. I rate this product so highly as not only is it free of chemicals and additives, it is non-comedogenic, will not block my pores and even has anti inflammatory properties which helps to calm and soothe irritated skin, and helps the skin to heal.  Because mineral foundation interacts with the light in a way that adjusts to your own skin tone it is more forgiving than many other brands I have spent money on to trial and then been disappointed in the results!   So if you are unhappy with your current foundation, whether due to its longevity on your skin, the color or just in general, think about spending that little bit more on this foundation, as for me, it has been the best gift I could have given to my skin and my confidence, remember you wear your face every day. x



Dior iconic mascara is a cult classic and one of the highest rated high end beauty products on the market and yes I had to try it. Let me tell you this wee beauty takes multi tasking to the next level by separating, curling and lifting, oh and it lasts 24hours without smudging, so if like me you’re tired of eye makeup that can’t keep up with you, pick up this mascara ASAP.


3     SK-11 FACIAL TREATMENT MASK     £89.99 pack consist of 10 sheets

Who is with me? I just love to read about what is in celebrities make-up bags or what product’s they say they couldn’t live without, (okay maybe not couldn’t live without , but you know the meaning) . The SK-11 FACIAL TREATMENT MASK is one I see mentioned over and over again, celebrities like Kate Basworth and Chrissy Teigen love these masks because traveling as often as they do wrecks havoc on their skin. They say just 15 minutes with one of them on after their umpteenth plane ride, really brings the life back into their face. I might not travel as often as those girls do, but I work long hours, have three young children and definitely don’t get nearly  enough sleep, yes it’s a hefty price tag but sure I could purchase it as a gift to my Mother and sample a sachet myself. So verdict is…. I now CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT these masks which are full of vitamins, amino acids and minerals and literally have the power to fully moisturize my skin ( with visible results, even my husband noticed) leaving me refreshed, more awake and feeling super pampered in minutes, what’s not to love?



LOVE, LOVE this lipstick it is lightweight but provides full coverage that has great staying power as well as a creamy and non drying formula. I have Old Hollywood Red and I have to say it is perfect red.



This classic eyelash curler, seriously delivers you with the perfect curl, Over the years many brands have tried to promise us the same effect with a cheaper price tag, and yes I was hopeful in the illusion of saving money on a product for the  same results, only to be left disappointed but not altogether surprised.




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