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5 Essential Makeup Products Every Girl Should Have.

5 Essential Makeup Products Every Girl Should Have.

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When it comes to makeup it is such a personal choice, if I look back though the years, makeup has always brought me such joy.  Who remembers the sets of fake makeup that we all used get for birthdays or Christmas that would occupy us for hours?

  1. My number one essential makeup product is definitely lip colour: There is nothing more satisfying than applying your favourite colour, no matter the occasion. If you haven’t found it yet then you need to keep looking because it will be the one that you always reach for, it might not be the brightest or the even the most natural but if it makes you feel good then buy it and it will become your ‘go to’. My favourite is a bright pink, probably inspired by the original Tinkerbelle set I adored as a child which brings to mind the most typical candy floss pink you can think of. Something to think about when it comes to lipstick these days is that the longer wearing liquid matt formulas are always a good option, as wearing a face mask is still part of our everyday life for the foreseeable future and a gloss or cream lippie will stick to the mask.  Make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturised before applying lip colour as this will also impact how long you will get out of them.
  2. I love a really good mascara, the more drama on the lashes the better. I always lean towards the ones that say for volume instead of definition as then they mostly have fibres that will build on to each other, so you are able to achieve a subtle look or layer it up for when you want super full lashes. I do however tend to shy away from the waterproof ones, they can tend to be difficult to get off if you don’t have an oil-based makeup remover. I think they are best left for the times that you know that you need your mascara not to run, such as a wedding day (for all the tears).
  3. Tinted moisturiser for me is a must in my make up bag. I find myself reaching for mine more and more these days rather than foundation. It has so many benefits, such as adding moisture, not clogging up your pores (non-comedogenic) many contain an SPF and some also have anti-aging properties. The only downside is that they are not normally very high coverage so I would suggest adding a good concealer with it to get that extra bit of coverage in the areas, for me personally is the under-eye area.
  4. It’s all about the brows these days.  There are many brow products to choose from.  If you have full brows and don’t need filling in much, a tinted brow gel would sufficient. If you have thin brows and need to map them out and shade them in, then a brow pencil with a waxy texture would be good, the wax will hold any hairs you do have in place. If you just need to fill in a few hairs here and there, then a thin brow pencil would be great as you can just put a few strokes in to create the appearance of hairs. Your brows frame your face, so finding the right product will make such a difference.
  5. A great bronzer and/or highlighter (even better if you can find a 2 in one, like the half and half powered ones are a great option). Using a bronzer will give the illusion of a sun kissed skin and create definition and dimension to your face. Use a highlighter to accentuate the high points of your face and bring attention to them. My favourite places to highlight are above the cheek bones, tip of the nose and bridge, also the cupids bow and underneath the brows to open up your eyes.

Now have fun playing with my top 5 makeup essentials. If all of this sounds too much or overwhelming for you, why not book in a make up one lesson with a makeup artist to take you through this and demonstrate it.

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