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Full Leg Wax

Hair removal is one of the most tedious aspects of personal grooming, 73% of women remove leg hair at least 3 times a week in the warmer months. Hair growth is natural but some people will grow more hair than others due to genetics, age or hormonal imbalance and waxing. Waxing is a very common method of hair removal, and many people choose waxing over other hair removal methods, such as shaving and hair removal creams because it lasts longer and is less abrasive to your skin. Waxing is relatively inexpensive when compared to laser with the results of clean smooth skin, no hair remaining and the down time is short. Waxing is great for legs as it is so effective in removing large amounts of hair at one time. At Beauty Haven we offer 2 types of wax: Tea tree or Hone wax.. Both of these waxes are used by strip method as they are a soft wax. Tea tree is a natural anti-septic which is gentle on the skin yet very effective for stubborn, tougher hair which has less reaction after the waxing so ideally for clients with extremely sensitive skin. Honey wax is called honey wax because when heated it turns into the consistency of honey and is 100% natural and moisturizing on your skin.


At Beauty Haven before having any treatment we will ask you to fill out a consultation form to determine no medical condition could contra indicate you from having a particular treatment, contra indications to waxing are recent sunburn, if you have had recent laser treatment, or skin conditions such as psoriasis/eczema. Ensuring there are no contra indications the therapist can start your treatment. To begin you will be shown into the treatment room and asked to remove the garments from your lower half, apart from your pants, as long as your legs are exposed, the therapist will leave the room whilst you are getting ready and a towel will be placed on the couch, just in case you feel vulnerable. The skin is prepped first with an antiseptic gel to ensure any lotions or creams are not present on your skin as this would prevent the wax  adhering to the skin properly resulting in the hairs harder to remove and therefore a less effective treatment. Skin is dried with a tissue to remove any moisture and waxing can now begin with applying the wax thinly over the skin downwards, starting from the knee to ankle or thigh to knee. A cloth or paper strip is then applied over the wax and pressed down firmly adhering the strip to the wax. Very quickly the strip is removed against the direction of hair growth, quick and with a qualified therapist this action will be done as parallel as possible to the skin to avoid trauma such as bruising, broken capillaries, and in grown hairs caused by the skin being lifted unnecessarily. After the waxing is completed the therapist will check to ensure all hair has been removed and any stubborn hair will be removed with tweezers, concluding with application of soothing lotion to calm and rehydrate the skin.

Tips Before Leg Waxing

First thing is first ….. Make sure you have enough hair growth before getting waxed. Your hair should be ¼ of an inch as the wax may not pick up the hairs if they are any shorter.

Exfoliate! This will help to get rid of dead skin on the surface enabling the wax to be more productive in removing those unwanted hairs.

Before your waxing appointment ensure you are wearing loose comfortable clothing to allow your skin to breathe after treatment.

For the ladies, take into consideration your monthly cycle, avoid having waxing done around your period as you are more sensitive to pain, leave it a week after your finishing menstruating to make the treatment more comfortable.

Wear loose fitted clothes so that after your treatment you are comfortable, your skin may feel tender.

After Care Advice

It is normal to have a bit of redness and a prickly heat type rash to appear, this should disappear after a few hours, keep the area clean and bacteria free.

No sunbathing for at least 12 hours

No swimming in a chlorinated pool for 24 hours

No spas or Saunas for 24 hours

No fragranced body creams for 12 hours as this can cause burning sensation.

Avoid touching the area.

To avoid ingrown hairs, exfoliation 2/3 times per week is recommended.

Also a great product for prevention of ingrown hairs is INGROW RRP £10.95

Treatment Time:

Treatments30 minutes

Treatment Cost:


Number of Sessions:

Treatments4-6 weekly

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Full Leg Wax