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Eyebrow Wax

One of the most common areas for many women (and men) to get waxing treatments carried out is on the eyebrow.  Eyebrow waxing (sometimes referred to as ‘brow waxing’) is all about shaping your eyebrows and for many customers eyebrow waxing plays a huge part in their ongoing beauty regime.

Unlike other areas of the face (lips and chin in particular), waxing around the eyebrow isn’t about removing all hair that is grown in that area.  It is very much a case of improving the appearance of eyebrows and removing those brows that have perhaps grown a little bit longer, thicker or don’t seem to want to go in the same direction as the other eyebrows.

Treatment Time:

Treatments10 minutes

Treatment Cost:


Number of Sessions:

Treatments4-6 weekly

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