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Treating Pigmentation: Can Environ® Mela-Fade Help? My Honest Review

Treating Pigmentation: Can Environ® Mela-Fade Help? My Honest Review

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Many of us focus on maintaining radiant skin on our face, but sometimes, our hands can tell a different story. Uneven pigmentation on hands can be a common concern, and understanding the causes and potential solutions can help you achieve a more even and healthy appearance.

Pigmentation or hyper pigmentation is very common and occurs due to over production of the brown pigment melanin. These dark patches can appear in small areas on the face and hands ( sunspots) or cover larger areas of the body. The most common causes of hyper pigmentation are sun damage, post inflammatory pigmentation, ( acne or eczema ) medical conditions and melasma (often associated with pregnancy).

Whatever the reason for your hyper pigmentation there are some effective treatments and products which may help reduce the appearance of age spots and dark patches.


A favourite of mine, Mela even cream is infused with vitamin C, this will lighten and brighten the skin and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines. It contains a fine blend of ingredients selected to fade and reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

For best results use alongside Environ Mela Prep System and your Vitamin A moisturiser. For optimal results you will need to be consistent before you will see reults ( about 12 weeks is realistic).

I recommend you use the Focus Care radiance range morning and night, remembering to wear an SPF if you are spending time outdoors.

The best way to target pigmentation is to prevent it. Sun protection and keeping your skin rich in Vitamin A will minimise your chances of getting pigmentation as reversing pigmentation damage can take time.

In some cases, professional treatments like chemical peels or laser therapy may be recommended to address stubborn hyperpigmentation. Speak to a dermatologist or aesthetician for advice.

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