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Thread Vein Treatment using I2PL

Thread vein problems are much more common than many of us would seem to think.  Indeed, a large population of the Northern Ireland adult population suffer from blood vessel disorders of some form.  Our Ellipse I2PL treatment helps to remove many of these blood vessel problems and is an effective and clinically proven treatment method.

What are thread veins?

Thread veins are small blood vessels which are located near to the surface of the skin.  They are small in size but can be pretty visible, often causing significant psychological trauma from those who suffer from thread veins.  This leads to sufferers wanting to cover up their body parts that have thread veins, impacting on your self-esteem as a result.

Thread veins are usually red or purple and are small squiggly lines under the skin that can sometimes be known as spider veins or broken veins.  They can range from these small veins also known as telangiectasia or larger port wine stains or birth marks which can also be common among many adults.

What causes thread veins?

The cause of thread veins isn’t really known although they do tend to appear more often as we get older, and are very common in the elderly.  This is because as we age our skin and blood vessels become less elastic.

Thread veins and women

Thread veins tend to be more popular among females and a lot of this is due to hormonal changes your body experiences at different stages of your like, mainly pregnancy and menopause.  Too much sunbathing can also be a cause of thread veins and can increase your chances of suffering from this skin problem.

Thread veins and varicose veins

Varicose veins are much larger than thread veins and tend to be blue or purple in appearance.  They are swollen veins that more commonly occur in your legs.  Thread veins can occur in some patients as a result of varicose veins although in many occasions they will occur on their own or as part of an inherited problem.  Varicose veins, spider veins and veins on legs can often require specialist treatment from a dermatologist with sclerotherapy.  This will help you to achieve best results and help to gradually remove these thicker, often unsightly veins.

The main area for thread veins is also on the leg with the ankle, knee and thigh all common although there are circumstances when thread veins can occur on your face.  This leads to many adults trying to cover them up with make-up, not an ideal treatment.  Thread veins can cause some discomfort and they can become itchy and treatment is highly recommended to avoid any further problems.

Treating thread veins with Ellipse I2PL

The Ellipse I2PL laser thread vein removal treatment we use here at Beauty Haven is a popular and proven method of treating this common skin problem.  This treatment involves a laser sending a wavelength to the vessels.  These are brief pulses of laser lights which destroy the blood vessels that cause the thread veins, helping to remove them and improve the appearance of your body as a result.  This is a gradual process with regular treatment required to ensure the vein decreases in size before eventually disappearing from view on your skin.

Preparing for thread vein treatments

There is little preparation needed in relation to thread vein removal as the procedure is relatively simple and straightforward.  If you need treatment of veins in the legs, preparation may be a little different as a specialist may be required to remove the veins depending on the length and thickness of them.

When getting veins treated with the Ellipse I2PL, it us advised not to go out in the sun or on a sunbed for 30 days in advance and avoid smoking for 3-4 days before the treatment.  This will allow you to get best results for the treatment.

Our Price Promise:

If you find a cheaper Thread Vein treatment using I2PL elsewhere we will match that price …Guaranteed! Treatment being price matched must be comparable. Beauty Haven must be able to verify the offer with the competitor and the competitor must be based in Northern Ireland.

Treatment Cost: From £60

Treatment Time:

Treatments15 - 30 minutes

Treatment Cost:

TreatmentsFrom £60

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Thread Vein Treatment using I2PL