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Female Laser Hair Removal

Do you dream of being hair-free? Tired of the same routine of shaving, bleaching or waxing on a regular basis? Beauty Haven’s laser hair removal treatment will make all this effort a distant memory and instead, you can enjoy long-lasting smooth legs, bikini line, underarms, face, or any body part for that matter.

Beauty Haven understands that unwanted hairs can be unsightly, embarrassing and often riddled with problems, from razor cuts to ingrown hairs to undergoing a painful wax treatment (not to mention the reality of having to go through any of this time and time again).

What does Beauty Haven laser hair removal treatment offer?

Beauty Haven offer safe and long-lasting laser hair removal treatment to specific parts of the body, be it bikini line, underarms or facial hair. Our team of qualified and experienced laser hair removal treatment professionals take good care of every client and ensure any specific needs are met.

How many sessions will I need?

Beauty Haven’s laser removal treatment begins with a free consultation and a patch test so we can recommend the best course of treatment for you. Typically a client will need four to six sessions of Beauty Haven laser hair removal to fully remove unwanted hair from a specific area, leaving intervals of four weeks (for face) and six weeks (for body) between each session.

How long does each session last?

Session length is approximately 10-15 minutes for smaller areas such as upper lip, chin and arms, and then larger areas, such as legs, back and bikini areas, can last between 45 – 90 minutes.

Female Laser Hair Removal