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Micro-Needling Fuller Effect Kit

If you are wondering why you should incorporate micro needling into your routine, here a just a few of the amazing benefits:

Reduce the appearance of lines & wrinkles. The tiny injuries from a micro needling session boost collagen & elastin production to fight lines & wrinkles.

Its super effective at improving acne scars due to the stimulation of collagen & elastin.

Ageing skin can look dull and lack-lustre, micro needling can change this.

Improved delivery of product ingredients and therefore better results from your skincare regime.

This kit will be released in November, it contains our two best selling products, Frown serum and 3D Synerge Filler Creme, plus CIT Roller FOC, advise ordering now to reserve, it is valued at £274.
Sale Price £161.60

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