Skin Rejuvenator


Skin Rejuvenator
Captivated by collagen? This 30-day system will activate your skin’s collagen for visible results. Combining 30-day supply of Skin Collagen Support with Skin Omegas+, this compelling combination is recommended for anyone looking for younger, fresher skin.
WORTH £77 | RRP £50

Recommended for:
• Anyone starting their oral skincare journey
• Support for skin impacted by premature signs of ageing from 25 years+
• 100% skincare solution for clients enjoying topical use of anti-ageing
products and high-tech facials
• Excellent for anyone intrigued by collagen supplements
• Perfect combination for anyone concerned with age around eye contour
• Glowing, rejuvenated skin
• Provides age-defying action from head-to-toe
• Smooths and nourishes for youthful looking complexion

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