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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for men

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for men

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Male grooming has become increasingly popular within the last few years ranging from facials right through to hair removal treatments. Yes hair removal treatments for men. You are reading this right! Like women, men are becoming increasingly concerned about their appearance so much so they are even having laser hair removal to minimise their body hair.

Laser hair removal targets those areas of excessive hair, making them much more manageable to maintain. The results are instant although it can take up to 6 sessions to receive maximum results with potential maintenance sessions in the future. I am sure this sounds more appealing than constant shaving or monthly waxing which you may be doing for years!

Ellipse Intense Pulse Light uses short bursts of light which travel down through the layers of the skin to the hair root. The pigment within the hair absorbs the light converting it to heat which destroys the hair follicle making it unable to produce new hair. Laser is most effective on darker hair which tends to be more course with much more pigment.

Laser has many benefits such as it is a permanent hair reduction, reduces ingrown hairs, reduces maintenance such as shaving and is a very effective hair removal method for sensitive skin. Great for any male to remove that unwanted hair!

Laser can give anywhere between a 60-95 % reduction after just 6 sessions, permitting the client follows the recommended treatment plan assigned to them.

Not only is daily shaving a pain to do, it can also increase your risk of ingrown hairs. It is usually expected for a male in a professional job to have a clean, shaven face daily. This results in skin irritation with red, bumpy skin which can be painful and unsightly. Shaving tackles the problem of unwanted hair but can end up giving you the problem of ingrown hairs and spots. Laser reduces the amount of hair and thickness of hair growing back, making it much less likely for you to end up with ingrown hairs.

Even the most sensitive of skins can tolerate laser hair removal as it is quick and much more delicate than waxing or shaving. The skin initially can be red due to the heat produced but this returns to normal much quicker as it is only surface redness. The area treated can be shaved prior to treatment reducing sensitivity even more. If the area is not shaved before treatment then dry shaving must be carried out by the therapist which can irritate the skin. We recommend shaving even a few hours prior to treatment which will give the skin a chance to calm down. Aloe Vera is recommended post treatment which is great for taking heat and redness away.

Although laser is expensive, it does work out much cheaper in the long run as it is a permanent reduction which delivers much quicker results than any other hair removal method. Think of all the years of waxing every 4-6 weeks and the pain this causes. Laser definitely sounds more appealing especially for areas such as the back and chest which are hard to reach with deep, course hair. Waxing can offer a reduction eventually but this can take years of frequent visits which can become costly. Some places may have a payment plan in which you can pay off the sessions or pay in instalments. At Beauty Haven we can set up a payment plan to suit you and make the cost much more manageable.

Any athletic male can understand the annoyance of body hair. This can get in the way and sometimes even cause pain and discomfort. Cyclists and swimmers can perform to a higher standard without the worry of hair especially on the legs. Distance runners may also find chest hair a problem. Laser would be the most effective treatment for any athlete as between sessions, whilst the hair is still growing, the hair can be shaved off whereas with waxing there is a stage in between were there needs to be growth. Body hair makes it very hard to enhance the muscles which many athletes may want to do whilst working on a fitness programme. This is also very important in body building as they need to look completely defined, which is impossible with body hair.

At Beauty Haven we offer a wide range of male laser hair removal treatments from the beard to the back and chest areas. The most effective treatment is on a pale skin dark hair contrast. If you feel you would be interested in trying laser or would like a consultation, come and talk to an experienced therapist at Beauty Haven who would be happy to assist you in a treatment plan.


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